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Posted by Gary Slusser on January 25, 2004 at 13:05:46:
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: I am presently using a jet pump and 82 gal Bladder tank to increase incoming water press From 20# to 60# still have low press. if toliet or washing machine is using water. Have been given a teel pressure pump and told that it would give better performance Question is how to hook it up as it does not have pressure switch, all info that I have been abe to find makes no statement as to the use of switch or press tank have 1 !/4 inch pvc main topump 40feet of 1" apvc to 1/2" copper in house apparox 45' of 1/2 inch copper in house sink located next to toliet loses press when toilet flushed any thoughts appreciated Thanks Jerry

Your pressure tank is way big which makes the pump move a lot more water than it has t oin supplying a 1/2" line. What air pressure is in it with no water in it? It should be 2 psi less than the cut-in pressure switch setting. I.E. 40/60 gets 39-38 psi air pressure with no water in the tank.

The 60 psi is probably too high for 1/2" copper and with the mix/n match plumbing, all the fittings are causing much more pressure loss at 60 psi than they would at lower pressure, like 30/50. Replace the 1/2" with 3/4" and then branch off with 1/2". If you have water conservation fixtures, you can't get more water through them by raising the pressure; they are flow controlled.

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