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Posted by Deb on January 25, 2004 at 11:23:21:
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: Experts:

: Here's a doozy. We had a recent cold spell snap and I thougght that our show drain trap had fronzen due to its proximity to an exposed wall.

: I've heated the floor beneath the show drain and no change. Still clogged solid.

: I took the shop vac to remove the standing water and sucked up a monster hail ball from the trap. Drain still is block, not even a trickle.

: I did the store brand (Ace) drain opener thing. No change.

: I have snaked the thing to death and cannot get snake any further down the drain but maybe 3-4 feet. No change.

: I bought one of those hose end rubber gagets that expands in the pipe and with water pressure pushes the clog down the drain. Works well, getting a good seal and water is running down the drain (when I push it) via some path (maybe the vent?). When I release the pressure from the hose, water gushes up the drain, I suspect from the height of the water column pushed up the vent. No chage. Drain still clogged.

: I have run hot water, cold water, etc. No change.

: The vent is in the attic so I can't be full of snow etc. All other drains on that vent circuit drain well.

: When I vac all the water from the shower drain, I can hear (up from the clogged show drain) the other drains below the upstair shower on that circuit draining....seems to be an open path somewhere.

: I'm ready to try the acid based drain opener but I am stumped.

: Help....

: Rick

DO NOT USE ANY MORE DRAIN CLEANERS!!!!! (This is in caps because I AM shouting)
Drain cleaners are caustic, dangerous and do not work. You now have caustic stuff standing in your drain because it did not work and now you want to put in stronger stuff? Do you know how the 2 chemicals will work together (a woman from my town was lifeflighted to the closest hospital when she mixed chemicals in her drain).
You probably have a drainage clog that you either are not getting to (up the vent like the balloon?) or the "snake" you are using is too small. The small hand snakes are about useless. A power auger is probably needed. They can be tough to operate and can be dangerous, so proceed with care. The chemicals you put down the drain can also damage people AND the snake cable. If you end up calling a plumber (my recommendation) be sure to tell him or her about the chemicals in the drain.
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