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Posted by Wayner on January 25, 2004 at 06:35:34:
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I have another Caroma problem, I hope you can help.

This problem toilet is installed on the 3rd floor of a building. The water volume in this building, especially on the 3rd floor, is known to be a real problem (it's better on lower floors, best in the basement). Taps on the 3rd floor have very little flow, and so on. The pipes inside this building are too narrow in diameter, and also it's on a hill, possibly above the city reservoir level. (Building's water pressure regulator was replaced very recently, but not much difference afterward.)

Original toilet on 3rd floor was replaced with the new Caroma, because original had terrible ability to wash down the bowl. Plumbing salesman assured us the magic 4" trap and Caroma technology would solve our problems. Not. There's terrible flow of water when we flush, hardly enough to create that patented Caroma "guyser". In fact, there doesn't seem to be much difference between a half flush and a full flush effect. We hold the full flush button down for an extended period in hopes of doing a better job.

Can this situation be resolved? Maybe some kind of "booster" to the water supply and/or pressure on the 3rd floor? Replacing all the building's internal water pipes to the 3rd floor is uneconomic.

I thought once the water had filled the toilet tank, that water pressure issues in the rest of the supply pipes were irrelevant. The water in the toilet tank should do the job regardless of incoming water into the tank. This appears not to be the case.

Help, please! We're finding the Caroma was a real waste of money.

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