Gurgling sound from tub when toilet is flushed
Posted by Sean on January 25, 2004 at 01:19:20:
We have owned this home for 1 1/2 years, it was a brand new home. We have had very few problems, but did notice a pecurilarity. The home is 2 stories, 2 full bath upstairs, 1/2 bath downstairs. For some reason, the toilet in the master bath never flushed as well as the other two, but since the toilets they installed originally were absolute junk, we attributed it to that. We finally got so fed up we took them out and installed new A.S. Cadets (which perform great by the way)... but the one installed in the master bath had to be adjusted to flush with more water, it does not drain quite as quickly and needed more water to complete the flush.

Now the hallway (upstairs) bath always flushed fine, but today when I flush, after it completes the siphon, you can hear "gurgling" sounds in the tub next to it. If you plunge the toilet you can hear those noises too. So far, nothing has plugged up or backed up, everything seems to be draining fine but nonetheless we are troubled by this new development.

Any ideas? Something blocking the vent or the stack? It seems this home is too new to have any drainage problems..

Is this type of problem normally covered under home warranties? I mean, plumbing fixtures are covered (except the ones we installed of course) and the plumbing system is covered from defects, but question is if this type of situation can be considered a defect in the system or not, since the drainage was a little poor since day one in the master bath toilet.

And is this type of situation expensive to fix if a professional must be called out of warranty?


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