Side Inlet Wye Question
Posted by Chris on January 24, 2004 at 22:16:18:

Here's a question for you real plumbers. :)

Picture a toilet and shower on opposite sites of a partition wall with a 3" stack vent in between. The drain needs to turn horizontal at the base of the stack. There are no fixtures higher on the stack.

My first thought was to use a 3x3x3x2 side-inlet sanitary tee to connect the toilet and shower to the stack. Below the sanitary tee the stack would go into the leg of a combo wye to do the horizontal turn with the cleanout. (This is #1 in the picture).
The bottom of this heap of fittings ends up about 18" below the floor, which is too low to end up with an acceptable drain slope. D'oh.

So I thought about using a combo wye directly under the toilet for the cleanout/horizontal turn, feeding horizontally into a combo wye with a 2" side inlet to take the shower drain. (#2 in the picture)

Is this kosher? Specifically, is there a problem with having the shower trap arm enter the stack only a few inches above the drain? Does anyone have a better solution to this problem? Thanks and sorry for the length!

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