Seeking info about availability of MAYTAG Electric Water Heaters
Posted by Matthew Wanamaker on January 24, 2004 at 20:28:59:

I'm hoping that someone out here in the newsgroups can shed some light on what has become a VERY FRUSTRATING exercise in futility.

I have been gathering information on behalf of my parents who have a relatively urgent need to replace their existing Sears Kenmore-branded 66 gallon/12 year warranty ELECTRIC Water Heater. Most of the research I have done for this "project" has been conducted online; accessing manufacturer's websites, doing google searches, and contacting local installers.

As the water heaters have ALWAYS been in the laundry/utility room of my parent's approx. 3600 s.f., two-story home, the heater MUST BE ELECTRIC as they have always been located under a staircase.

In conducting my preliminary research, I came across the MAYTAG branded water heaters, which I understand are in fact manufactured by State Industries (and has recently been acquired by A.O. Smith). What caught my interest was the MAYTAG SERIES 12 PC Intelligent electric water heater, with its ability to utilize a programmable 24/7 digital thermostat much like a furnace or A/C unit. As my parents are in their early 70's, the self-diagnostis and the ease of controlling the heater, and the claim of potentially reducing electricity costs for operation by UP TO 15% seemed very attractive. As I continued my search, I learned that there were various dealers in the country who handled Maytag heaters, and that the website provided a 1-800 telephone number to find out where to by them locally. Fine, I though, we could get one purchased and installed right away!

HOW WRONG I WAS! The two sources close to home cited by the customer service rep. DO NOT deal with Maytag brand water heaters, EVEN THOUGH they handle both A.O. Smith and State water heaters. I have contacted around half a dozen water heater installers in the greater SEATTLE-TACOMA area, and they have either never heard of maytag heaters, or they state that they can no longer obtain them??!!!??

CAN ANYONE please provide information as to the true state of availability of MAYTAG branded water heaters in WASHINGTON STATE? I have come up with nothing (almost). One installer told me he could order MAytag heaters, but it would take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks!!! HELP!

Again, if anyone knows if MAYTAG heaters are marketed in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, I'd appreciate any info you can provide. I'm looking at the other makes like A.O. Smith, Rheem/Ruud, American Waterheater (whose website is NON-Functional @%$*@), etc.

Please reply at your earliest's a rather urgent need!!!

Kind Regards,

Matthew Wanamaker
Federal Way, WA

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