Re: Upper Thermostat Shorting?
Posted by hj on January 24, 2004 at 16:55:37:
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I will not try to color code your wires, but the main power comes in to the two top terminals. one wire from the upper element ties to one of the lower terminals, (usually but not always the left one). One wire from the lower element ties to the other lower one, and the other two wires, one from each of the elements ties to the terminal on the left side below the ECO high temp cutoff. As I said previously, it can be dangerous to try to tell you how to wire it, because if the wires to the terminals are crossed you can have a "runaway" heater that could explode and level your house.

: Can't find problem. Water (electric heater) getting WAY too hot. Figured upper thermostat high temperature cutoff not working? Saw a burned connection there - got RED hot at the screw. Trying to replace thermostat, but replacement has five terminals (plus two connected by bridge on left side), old thermostat has SIX wires coming in. Nothing is connected to the bridge on old hookup, three wires to the top and three wires to the bottom. On replacement there's only two free terminals on the bottom - - where does the extra wire go? Thanks!

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