Kohler Highline Performs Well!
Posted by Paul Anschel on January 24, 2004 at 13:57:28:
I've seen some negative reviews on the Kohler toilets on here and I am surprised based upon our recent experience. We installed a Kohler Highline 1.6 gal/fush about 2 weeks ago to replace a Mansfield 3 gallon (or more) toilet that stopped up at least once or twice per week. We seem to have an unusual skill with stopping up toilets - in EVERY house we have ever lived in. I've had days where I stopped up 2 different ones. But we have had no complaints or problems with Kohler at all. I've been quite impressed with its performance and cleanliness.

That said, I did buy a Toto Drake for our other bathroom but that was b/c I needed a special order color (almond) and the Kohler was going to be almost as much as the Toto in Almond. So, I figured I would try a Toto. I will do a "head-to-head" comparison in a few weeks!


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