Re: American Standard Compact Toilet Install problem
Posted by Hube on January 24, 2004 at 13:41:06:
In response to Re: American Standard Compact Toilet Install problem
: I bought an American Standard Compact Elongated bowl toilet from Home Depot because it was on the list of the best flushers.
: I hooked up the water line, and the tank (not the bowl) kept filling, and filling, and filling. Over the overflow tube. So I adjusted the fill level screw until it was OK.
: BUT! Then water was spraying everywhere out of the fill valve up out of the tank, on to the wall and the floor!!
: I tried every adjustment there was for 2 hours and about 50 flushes and couldn't get it to not spray. I tried the water level, water fill rate, and float ball arm adjustment, it always sprayed water right towards the end of filling the tank. Also the tube from the valve into the overflow tube is fine, not kinked or anything.
: So, I took the tank back to home depot figuring it was a defect. Got the new one home, installed it, and the same thing all over again!
: Are these toilets just junk, or is my water pressure too high, or am I adjusting it wrong?
: I am going to call American Standard on Monday to get this figured out, but if anyone can help me this weekend it would be much appreciated! Please email me at
: Thanks!
If, by chance the water pressure IS too high, try cutting off some of the water volume to the toilet at the wall valve, and see if that helps.Good luck, Hube