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Posted by Chris on January 24, 2004 at 00:53:27:
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: : : : I'm have no pressure (thus no water) in my bathroom and kitchen. I disconnected the line underneath the bathroom sink (they are both on the same line and the bathroom is first), placed it in a bucket and turned on the water. Result was something I had to mop up. I pulled the handle apart and could see nothing wrong(not quite sure what I was looking at but there was no clog) so I put it back together and now have no water from either handle in the bathroom. A little help on this one?

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: : : Remove the aerators and see if you have better pressure. If so, clean or replace the aerators.
: : : Deb
: : : The Pipewench

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: : Are you referring to the screen in the faucet? Or is there a piece in the handle by that name? Is there someplace online where I can see a blow apart diagram to identify this piece?
: : -Chris

: Sorry, this is the screen at the end of the faucet spout. It will unscrew. It is common for this to get clogged. If you have neither hot nor cold, it is the cause most of the time. If you know the brand of faucet, most manufacturers have exploded pictures of their faucets.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

Deb, thank you. These things are put together a lot different than the last time I pulled one apart. It used to just be a screen in the faucet spout (or maybe it was just cheap construction). Thanks again. That did the trick.

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