Tub won't Drain -- I can't snake down either.
Posted by Nick on January 23, 2004 at 23:14:24:
I have a tub that drains VERY slowly. (This after pa ying $170 for a plumber to come out and snake it less than 3 months ago.

So naturally, I think, I need to snake the thing right? Well I goto home depot and buy a snake and detach the plate on the side wall above the drain. (Sorry don't know the lingo). I insert the snake into said opening and it goes down about 17" and it simply stops. So I think there is a bend in the pipe... there must be -- well I have spent nearly 45 minutes trying to Jam this damn snake (which is around 3/8" thick) down so it somehow turn into this bend.... which is currently won't do.

Does anyone have any advice? I suspect its my wifes hair that isn't caught from the trap in the drain (I have to clean the catch in the new bathroom every 3 weeks) -- I am linking you to a picture of the tub.