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Posted by hj on January 23, 2004 at 22:47:28:
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If you had had a contract and signed it, it would have had a disclaimer that he was not responsible for any damage to the pipe, since he could not damage a "good" pipe. I just changed an Orangeburg sewer this week that the RR man unplugged but retrieved mud when his auger went through the side of the pipe. Either because it already had a hole in it or his auger caused, but that is incidental to the fact that his pipe was "worn out" and required replacement. This is the second posting this week from someone who thought the plumber should be "clairvoyant" and know ahead of time that there was going to be a problem and should have informed the customer ahead of time. And as for those that said you should have had a contract, I do not know anyone that would give you one for cleaning a sewer. I have had them cost $100.00 and I also had one a couple of weeks ago that was $1,400.00, but when I started working on either of them I did not know what the final cost would be.

: I recently had a plumber come out and auger my sewer line for preventive maintenance. I had not been experiencing any problems, but have had problems with roots in the past, so I try to get it done once every year or two. The plumber got his auger stuck and has charged me over $1300 to dig up the sewer line, remove his auger and replace a piece of the line. The sewer line was orangeburg pipe and the plumber has told me that it was colapsed and he has no liability. Other plumbers have told me that he probably blew a hole in the line with his auger and should be responsible for everything above and beyond his normal charge. There was no existing clog and I never signed anything. This was the third time in 5 years I've used the same plumber and he never warned me that there could be a problem with the old pipes. Any comments?

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