Re: Fiberglass howere pan leak
Posted by hj on January 23, 2004 at 22:35:43:
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It could be the gasket in which case you have nothing to lose by trying the silicone, but more often it is the drain fitting itself leaking and that will not be fixed with silicone.

: I have a fiberglass shower pan installed on a concrete slab, and the PVC drain is leaking very slowly. I believe the leak is coming from around the rubber or neoprene gasket installed between the 2" ABS pipe and the inside of the drain. The gasket is made by C-P Industries Part #6326. The drain itself has a largw W stamped on it, but no name. So far, I have been unable to locate another gasket. I'm not even sure the previous owner used the correct gasket. If I find the new gasket, is it possible to dig out the old gasket for replacement? One store advised me to use 100% pure silicone over the existing gasket. I/m really trying to avoid tearing out the whole neo-angle shower and starting over. Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks

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