Complaint about Pegasus Faucet installation.
Posted by Tracy Robinson on January 23, 2004 at 18:13:50:
In response to Complaint about Pegasus Faucet installation.
I recently installed a Pegasus brand faucet that took four hours to get on due to the main supply handle and the four tubes extending from it and the anchor clamp vs the very confined space between the sink and the anchor clamp. Due to the length of the clamp anchor 4" long there was NO way to tighten the supply handle. I tried everything. Nothing worked. I finally jimmy rigged it until I can get a solution to this problem. I like the faucet, but at this point......I'm not happy. I have bruised ribs from laying on the toekick of the cabinet, a kink in my neck and a critch in my back. I noticed one lady called the 800 number and they sent her a special tool. That is the route I will pursue.Until then the bruises will remind me of this incident.

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