Re: Can I drain Urinal into clean out on stack?
Posted by Rford on January 23, 2004 at 15:56:31:
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: : I'd like to put a urinal in my basement for occasional use. It seems to me that the easiest way to do this would be to run the drain line into the clean out on the waste stack. This is a fully accessible area and so if I ever need to use the clean out to actually snake the system I can just uncouple the urinal piping and snake away...any reason I can't do this?

: : Thanks
: There are several reasons that this will not work. Number one is venting, number two is that you cannot get a fitting that will match the cleanout threads, and number three is the water supply. They generally require a flushometer, which requires a 3/4" water line. Some of them require carriers that are installed in the wall prior to wall covering being put up.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

Thanks Deb---I think I can overcome the water line and the vent....I have a 3/4 line and can't I use those Oates valves? As far as the threads...couldn't I take a PVC threaded plug, cut a 2" hole in it, and use that as the connection point? Thanks