Re: Upstairs Tub has leaks onto the kitchen ceiling
Posted by Ken on January 23, 2004 at 13:29:53:
In response to Re: Upstairs Tub has leaks onto the kitchen ceiling
I have discovered the following "leak points": 1)Water getting under bottom wall tile from shower to floor underneath tub to ceiling. 2)Shower or tub fixtures. 3)Overflow to drain missing gasket or loose 4)Drain rim not tight(acrylic tubs flex) 5) pinhole leak in feeder pipes 6) shower overflow to floor through floor cracks to ceiling 7)sink or toilet drain or pipe leaks (not shower at all!!)

Acrylic tubs have two problems A) Flex sometimes allowing 4) above to happen (you can turn the drain manually with an opened wrench to see if this is the problem) B) Some don't have a backing to the tile wall allowing 1) above to happen.

Ask yourself: Is shower only the problem? Is bath only the problem?

Try to look around complete perimeter of tub for water underneath tub, if you can.

If leak is near side of house, could be coming from somewhere else.

Remember to check toilet and sink for being the source!! Sometimes they are awfully close to tub and water may not appear in the same location on the ceiling as from which it is leaking in the room above.

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