Upstairs Tub has leaks onto the kitchen ceiling
Posted by Karen in Colorado on January 23, 2004 at 11:53:13:
I am at a loss, after 5 plumbers and 2 guys drenching my roof I cannot find where the leak is coming from. My townhome is 30 years old and the tub upstairs a very slow leak that soaks about a samll area of the kitchen ceiling over time. I have replaced all the tile, check the pipes, Calked and Calked, tried to find a crack in the tub and everything else the plummers have tried. You cannot see it leak and I have a feeling its more of a problem with condensation. Any suggestions? Would raditor stop leak help? I'm tired of paying all this money out and not resolving the issue. The last plummer blamed is on the roof and the guy on the roof blamed it on the plummer.

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