Re: Tankless water heaters
Posted by Tubby on January 22, 2004 at 20:28:37:
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I am now sold on tankless water heaters.

They are more pricey than "regular" water heaters, but the efficency pays for the heater in 2 to 4 years for the average user. Quicker for the larger family or say someone with the spa.

Ease of installation. If you are in a zone that does not have a freezing problem, you can direct vent the thing while it hangs from the side of your house on the outside. Inside installation takes up smaller area and more options for installation areas. Great product and a great idea.

Repair parts are a consideration, so look at warrenties and availabilty of vendors and suppliers in your area. (don't buy something off e-bay and pay a guy just to install it. Look for local support if you have a problem)

I don't sell these things, but I am sold on the idea. I have installed hundreds of water heaters and I just wish I could talk to some of the people I put new tanks in for. I know I could have sold them then...

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