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Posted by mrn on January 22, 2004 at 13:08:56:
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: : I removed a toilet to replace my linoleum with ceramic tile (on a concrete slab). Upon removing the toilet, I discovered that a traditional flange was not used but the toilet screws were embeded in the concrete. The wax ring/sleeve rested directly on the concrete. Now that the tile is down Im ready to reinstall the toilet. My question is: Do I need to attach a new flange to the concrete if the screws are already in place? Thanks for your help!

: Bleyk,
: If you can bolt it down, then that's all you need for that.
: A flange is use to secure the waste pipe and to hold the "closet bolts".
: If you can set threaded bolts into the concrete, fine.
: Most of the time, I find that the existing bolts are unusable though. In those cases, I find a way to attach a repair ring that holds new closet bolts.
: Terry Love

Bleyk and Terry,

I am no expert, but this is what I did when I encountered a similar situation when replacing my basement toilet.

My old flange was pretty much rotted away, so I sawed off the old bolts and put a new flange on top of this and secured it into the floor. I then used new bolts within the new flange and set the the wax ring and toilet on top. In my haste, I didn't use any sealent between the old and new flange, but everything is working fine. I assume the wax ring is taking care of things and not allowing leaks.

Again, I would listen to the experts, but my do-it-yourself job seems to be working fine.

Good luck.

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