Re: Jacuzzi tub installation problem
Posted by Mitch on January 22, 2004 at 11:33:59:
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: : Either way. It is easier to connect if the tub is placed first and the front is open to connect the drain and water, but it is harder for the tile person, because he has to work to an exact measurement. Tiling first reverses the two. The tile person has an easier time, but it is harder for the plumber. It just depends on whether you have a better plumber or tile person.

: Does it matter in terms of possible future leakage? If the tub is on the tile or if it is against the tile?

From Mitch:
I would prefer to have the tile under the flange of the tub unit. You could have the plumber shim the tub unit up enough so the tile installer can slip the cut tile under the flange. The tile setter could remove the shims as he goes along. This way you'll have the best of both. Either way you need grout or flexible chaulk. And, I'd prefer a nice clean chaulk line to a possibly jagged tile line.

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