Stairwell drain, sump pump connection
Posted by Kelly on January 22, 2004 at 10:25:09:
Last night I discovered my basement stairwell drain (outside) was plugged with ice. I removed the ice and ran some water into the stairwell but the drain did not drain. So, I put a bottle of Drain-O down it and it still did not drain. This morning, I remembered I hadn't heard my sump pump go off for quite some time (very low lying area--goes off every 15 minutes). I checked and the pit was full of water that smelled strongly of chlorine (the Drain-O??). I hit the "test pump" button on my battery backup and suddenly the sump pump started working again. I went to my stairwell drain, and it was now clear of water.

Is there some connection between the two? The sump is tied into the sewer system (previous owner did this and I'm getting it un-done). Also, this summer the main sewer line broke in the front yard. I had a flooded basement and we ran alot of the sewage out through the stairwell drain, so it might be plugged. Is there a connection here? I'm not ready for another plumbing issue.

Thanks for your help!

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