Re: toilet screws in concrete - need flange?
Posted by hj on January 22, 2004 at 08:00:13:
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You should have asked the question before you put the tile down. At that time we would have told you to install a conventional ring. Without seeing your situation we cannot tell whether it could, and can still be, done without breaking concrete. It is very possible that the old bolts will be too short, and you may not be able to remove them, depending on how they were installed. In the "old" days it was common to put a ring of putty around the pipe and screw the toilet to the wood floor, but it was never an approved method.

: I removed a toilet to replace my linoleum with ceramic tile (on a concrete slab). Upon removing the toilet, I discovered that a traditional flange was not used but the toilet screws were embeded in the concrete. The wax ring/sleeve rested directly on the concrete. Now that the tile is down Im ready to reinstall the toilet. My question is: Do I need to attach a new flange to the concrete if the screws are already in place? Thanks for your help!

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