Posted by hj on January 22, 2004 at 07:40:27:
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YOu need a plumber to check your system. The crack in the pipe would not cause the bubbling when the washing machine was used, but a stopped, or partially stopped, sewer system would cause the bubbling and would also cause the water to come out of the crack in the pipe. If you had water everywhere, you have more problems than a little water seeping out of a crack. It is unlikely that you have a vent problem.

: I recently asked for help on my toliet bubbling and my tub bancking up when I did laundry.

: Toinght I went into the basement and was shocked that water was everywhere. I got a flash light and pointed it up to see where the water was coming from I noticed that the air vent was cracked. It had a crack that went up the side, about 12 "and over like a "J". The crack was about 1/4" wide, rusted and wet!!!

: I went and flushed the toiled 2x's and went back down stairs. I could hear the water trickling throught the main line going outside. I know believe my problem is the vent pipe and not a main line blockage.

: Can anyone give me advice about this. Can the vent pipe be replaced and how much could this cost me......

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