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Posted by deofficer on January 22, 2004 at 05:02:42:
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: : I just moved into a brand new house with a pressurized septic system. Both toilets flush fine and fill the bowl about mid way but then drain almost to empty. I tried filling the bowl with excess water and the extra water makes it drain also. There doesn't appear to be any outside leaks.

: : In addition the washer drain gurgles randomly.

: : Any thoughts?

: I am a city plumber and have never heard of a pressurized septic system. Some of the low flush toilets do retain only a small amount of water like the european toilets. You may not have a problem except for keeping them clean. The washer drain could be lack of venting or drain clog. Your house should be under a one or two year warranty.
: LonnythePlumber

There is little to do but confirm what you probably already suspect: The pressurized septic system has little or nothing to do with the problem, but you do have drain issues.

A pressurized septic system is kind of a misnomer. It's not a traditional system. But, there are several of this genre that nearly eliminate most of the maintenance by cycling everything according to a set schedule -- often once every 24 hours. There are some downline parts required, but Properly installed, you can forget about pumping the septic system on the same schedule.

The previous respondent makes an excellent point re: clearing the washing machine drain. Run a couple of bottles of the "thick" DrainO through the washer adding an extra rinse cycle, if available.

Make ABSOLUTELY certain there is a filter on the washer drain (take a deep breath, they are around $200). Nothing will kill the septic system faster than an unfiltered washer drain.

I'm also a "city" plumber, but did just build a new home "out in the county". Take a CLOSE look. Regardless of the "wet" vent style, it sounds as though the toilet and washer are incorrectly vented. Lot's of what passes code just doesn't work very well.

The problem can be as straightforward as actually running downhill, or more subtle like inadequate length for a looped vent run.

Worst case, cut off and cap the existing vents, or tie them in; just vent the toilet and washer directly to the outside, sloping the vents as appropriate.

Regarding the toilet: Consider American Standard's new "Champion" series. It's right-sized by height to meet handicapped specs and their tests show it can clear 29 golf balls from the receiving basin per 1.6 gal. flush (it takes about one second, it's more-or-less silent, there's no flapper, and you can kiss "double flushing" goodbye along with keeping a plunger handy; replace fill hardware is about $9.95 -- less than $10.). I think it's a bit pricey at about $350 (including shipping) purchased on the net, the current "street price". But, it works with minimal venting and you get the added benefits.


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