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Posted by hj on January 21, 2004 at 23:06:40:
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That unit's parts are very proprietary and nothing works except the expensive parts. The diverter does two things, first it flushes water through the rim holes to wash the walls of the bowl down, and then it refills the toilet's trap seal. When the tank ball drops the diverter is shut off and most of the water then goes to fill the tank. One black thing adjusts the flow of water through the valve and if you have the one with a black ring around the stem that is also a flow adjustment.

: I have two 80's era Briggs toilets in my new house (NOT the "Vacuity" type). They are one-piece and apparently share a lot of parts with earlier Case-brand toilets.

: I've never seen anything quite like the innards of these toilets. They have a part called a "diverter" that is a large goosenecked metal part that appears to have its own valve in it. My toilets have various minor problems such as moans and groans, incomplete flush, etc. that I woudl like to fix.

: Anyway, my questions:

: 1. Are generic replacements for the ballcock, etc., available from Fluidmaster or others or must I use original (very expensive!) parts?

: 2. What does that "diverter" thing do anyway? (And no, it's not one of those small plastic water-saving devices that goes on the refill tube to save water!)

: 3. Yes, I know I asked before... what are those two black plastic adjustment-looking knobs for? One is on the ballcock and one is on the diverter.

: 4. Any other useful advice?

: Thanks,

: Jeff.

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