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Posted by Tubby on January 21, 2004 at 22:07:33:
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When you mention most pipes in the USA with drinking water, it is actually Cast Iron in the streets.
For years, copper piping was used in expensive homes and commercial work. Today still the expensive king with many options for the builder.
Galvanized pipes were used in cheaper housing until the 70's for the most part.
We then through a short period of PVC being used, to replace metal piping for everything, it was discovered that PVC didn't work well with hot water applications.
CPVC was developed for that application.
PB tubing was tried in the 80's and that has turned into a disaster for home owners from leaks and breaks.
PEX and related PEX hybrids have only be used for the last few years. There are still plumbing codes that do not recognize this product.

On the drainage/sewer side.
Cast Iron was king for years.
In the late 40's - 60's, a paper and tar based pipe was used for millions of homes across the USA in an attempt to find a cheap, easy to install pipe to replace cast iron. The name of the pipe was called Orangeburg after the manufacturer. You can still find this in main line drains of older tract housing from that era.
PVC was started for drainage in the 70's with better success than on the water side.
Late 70's ABS piping came out and has pretty much taken over the drainage side of housing.
You will rountinely find housing built today with combinations of ABS and Cast Iron for the drain side of plumbing.

On the utility side, I didn't mention the concrete lined cast iron piping, concrete piping, or new specialty plastic piping being installed everyday to transport water and wastewater.

Hope this gives you some info to use. More questions, ask and some will answer them...

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