Jacuzzi tub installation problem
Posted by Steve Stormont on January 21, 2004 at 21:26:26:
We bought a Jacuzzi tub that is being put in a new bathroom. The tub will go into an area surrounded by walls on three sides, so those three sides will have a tile flange installed. The probelm is the from. The unit does not have a built-in skirt, so a tiled knee wall is being built along the front.

The problem is on the top of the knee wall. Do you tile the framing first and then sit the tub on the tiles (like you do with a sink into a countertop) or do you put the tub in place and tile up to it? The plumber swears that you put the tub in place and tile up to it, but Jacuzzi says that you first tile and then put the tub on the tile. Any opinions?


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