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Posted by Terry Love on January 21, 2004 at 20:33:33:
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: Hello.I'm from east Europe and I only want to know, what kind of pipes plumbers in USA use for pressure pipe lines, what for waste water lines,and what for heating?
: How good are galvanized pipes, pex pipes or copper pipes?
: Is it true, that in USA for drinking water most in use galvanized pipes and why?

: Sinsirely yours

In the USA, we have the option of using a few products.
For water supply:
Copper CPVC and PEX
I'm leaning towards more PEX. I still use some copper in places.

Waste and vents:
ABS, PVC, Copper, Cast Iron

Heating is mainly PEX and copper.

Older homes were plumbed in galvanized but they pretty much quit doing that after 1970. Many of those homes are now being repiped with the new materials. PEX is a good replacement.
Terry Love

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