Re: help, outdoor hose bib leak
Posted by gb on January 21, 2004 at 18:35:36:
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: : : One of our outdoor hose bibs is leaking from the spot (more than dribbling) even when it is turned off all the way. I've read that the washer probably just needs changing but due to some circumstances I'm unable to fix it for a few days. Would it be ok to just hook up a hose with a regular garden sprayer attatchment (the kind where you have to squeeze a lever to water the garden)to the leaking hose bib for a few days or longer? We are getting lows in the 20's lately. Would doing this cause any problems with the pipes, water pressure or freezing, etc.? If not and this is an ok temporary fix, could I just cover the hose bib, hose and spray attatchment with a blanket? Thanks for any info. or advice!
: : GB: are you sure there is no "shut-off valve" located just before this pipe goes out side? Hube

: I'm not sure, but can check tomorrow (it's a crawlspace) If there is a valve there, will shutting it off cause any problems with freezing pipes (we've been getting down to the 20's the crawlspace is unheated), water pressure etc.? If there is no valve, do you know if attatching a hose and sprayer might cause any problems? Thanks
:Thinking about it, my idea of attatching a hose and sprayer isn't a good one at least while temps are below freezing! But still wondering, if there is a shut off valve where the pipe leaves the house and temps are below freezing and the crawlspace is unheated could that possibly cause a problem with freezing pipes or built up water pressure etc? Thanks!

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