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Posted by GregO on January 21, 2004 at 16:40:09:
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The large roaches you refer to are American Cockroaches (Periplaneta americana). Some will scurry away while others will undoutedly hang around. There are chemicals you could use, but I wouldn't recommend it because these large critters are harmless - they don't bite or sting. Yes, I know they can be gross, but... If you have to use a chemical, please use one that is labeled for sewer drains - most are only commercially available.

Pyrethroid chemicals (listed as the active ingredient on pesticide products in tiny print as: pyrethrin, resmethrin, cyfluthrin, permethrin, and a few others) are VERY toxic to fish, even in minute quantities. Besides, nothing available will safely repel them quickly enough, so you might as well just dig in and deal with them. Actually, you could always powerwash (water only; a garden sprayer would do it) them away from the area in which you are working. This will safely and effectively move them along.

Just make sure to wash up before dinner.


: Hello:

: I am going to cut a sewer pipe some 30 feet from the house to do some repairs. I live in area where big roaches are in the sewer. I wonder if they will actually run away once they hear the noise or if they will in my way. I don�t love roaches (who does?) but I wonder if there is a way to get them out of my way while I am doing the repair. I can access the inside of the sewer pipe from a cleanout, which is right by the house and I have some chemicals for killing roaches but I am not sure if that could hurt the environment. I know this is more pest control problem but I wonder if anybody has some experience with it. Thanks.

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