Briggs one-piece toilet parts
Posted by Jeff on January 21, 2004 at 16:02:53:
I have two 80's era Briggs toilets in my new house (NOT the "Vacuity" type). They are one-piece and apparently share a lot of parts with earlier Case-brand toilets.

I've never seen anything quite like the innards of these toilets. They have a part called a "diverter" that is a large goosenecked metal part that appears to have its own valve in it. My toilets have various minor problems such as moans and groans, incomplete flush, etc. that I woudl like to fix.

Anyway, my questions:

1. Are generic replacements for the ballcock, etc., available from Fluidmaster or others or must I use original (very expensive!) parts?

2. What does that "diverter" thing do anyway? (And no, it's not one of those small plastic water-saving devices that goes on the refill tube to save water!)

3. Yes, I know I asked before... what are those two black plastic adjustment-looking knobs for? One is on the ballcock and one is on the diverter.

4. Any other useful advice?



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