new faucet drips
Posted by Heather on January 20, 2004 at 23:46:35:
I am having my kitchen redone, and I bought a new sink, faucet, disposal, the works. Hired a plumber to do the work because I didn't want the hassle. Things were fine until he tried to install the brand new Belle Foret faucet. It dripped. Cold dripped a little, hot was a steady stream. The cpout itself also leaked. He said it must be defective, so I reordered the faucet. In the meantime, the cold drips less, but still drips.

A new faucet arrives and this time I decided to do it myself. Completely new parts, this time the cold drips a steady stream, the hot is a slow drip.

So I swap out the cold from the first one, and that goes back to the seldom dripping state. The hot drips steadily. The spout itself leaks less, but still leaks. (and I am talking about a tall jointed spout that is leaking around the joints - here's a picture

So I have a couple this just a crappy company and their faucets/materials are just substandard? Is there something that both the plumber and I could have done in the simple process of attaching water supply lines that would make the faucet drip? I installed a bathroon faucet a year or so ago with no problems/drips. Is there something I can try that might make the hot stop dripping? Should I give up on this faucet and get something I like less but won't drip constantly?

I'm tearing out my hair at this point. The old sink was in a big metal unit, so when the cainets were installed, I lost the sink, and water, on the first floor for 5 weeks. Now, the faucet problem means that I have to turn on the hot at the shutoff's getting pretty old. Any help will be very greatly appreciated!

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