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Posted by e-plumber on January 20, 2004 at 18:06:12:
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: : I live in a first floor flat and our washing machine pratically jumps around the room when going through a spin cycle. I am worried about the people in the flat below complaining (they have done before) and that the machine is going to pull itself off the wall. We make sure that we drain it after use (opening the little plug on the front of the machine)
: : Is there anything we can do to stop it moving?

: :I don't know anybody that hasn't had a jumping CLOTHES WASHING machine at some time or other. Is this your first one? First off the machine has to be level . Borrow a level to check it out. (Just because it sits on the floor nicely with no wobble doesn't necessarily mean it is level- your floor might slope) There are usually adjustable- screw out levelers on the corners of the machine. If there aren't any adjustable pods on yours then you have to improvise with wood strips for instance (shingles work good) Once you are good and STABLE and level you should see a immediate improvement in your machine not doing the stroll. However sometimes your machine may not distribute its load evenly in the whirler thingy. In which case you will have to do it manually-ungob the clothes and sprinkle them around evenly. If that doesn't help my next act would be to drag it behind my tractor for a day and a half. You might want to wait for more advice to come down the pike first though. By the way is this washer bolted to the wall or something? Big mistake if so -- luck to you-Big Sal

The self adjusting rear legs may be broken, I just came across that problem yesterday. Level the machine and make sure it sits solid on the floor with no wobbling. The banging noises are the least of the worry, if a supply hose breaks or the drain hose becomes undone, your neighbors below better have a lot of buckets to catch the water from the flood.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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