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Posted by OJoy on January 19, 2004 at 21:34:44:
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I have a Caroma toilet and I am absolutely delighted with it. I am sure you will be too. You might only need a toilet brush occasionally. Much better than needing to have a disgusting plunger on hand.

The following is a comment by Steve (also within Terry Love's forum): "As a plumbing contractor I have found Caroma's customer service to be outstanding. They even gave me a free toilet to put in my house. I've put a few of these now, and they out-flush Toto any day of the week( I think Toto is overrated myself). Their flushing capacity rivals some flushometer style toilets."

I have included a link to Jon Eakes website where he gives more details on the advantages of the Caroma toilets.

: We live in Colorado and are very interested in water conservation. Do the Caroma toilets streak? I'd rather not have to use a toilet brush all the time, and we have children who are too little to use one (and would definitely think a toilet brush was a new toy).

: I wonder why Toto does not make a dual-flush toilet (except for the $5,000 dollar full-service one--imagine how much fun kids would have with that!).

: Any information and advice is greatly appreciated.

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