Hot water copper pipe leaking underneath Concrete Slab
Posted by Sad Santa on January 19, 2004 at 18:31:01:
We just got this bad news that our copper pipe carrying hot water has a hole/has bursted underneath the concrete slab. We do not have any crawl space/basement.

Two choices are presented to us -
- The warranty covers digging and fixing the problem by repairing copper pipe putting a joint or something like that. luckily we do not have any pre- and post- expense since its only 8 linolium tiles that we will be re-installing. the warranty covers this instance but for this year, this is the last instance of concealed pipe-bursting covered by them.

- Install altogether new copper pipes for hot water thruout the home. that is going to run 5000 dollars only.

The dilemma:
We are told that if we go with the repairation choice then there are chances that the pipe would burst at some other location and hence pre- and post- costs could skyrocket say if the pipe bursts underneath concrete in living room with wooden flooring for example.

What is the most reasonable thing to do? have you dealt with this before? Did you choose to take the risk or play safe and payup.


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