adding extra radiators
Posted by melanie on January 19, 2004 at 14:48:23:
we have a 4 year old house with a conventional central heating system .
We have had a room added and want to add two raditors aprox ( 3500 btu's ) each .
The system uses 22mm hot and cold loop , with each individual radiator being fed from a 10mm micro borepipe of the loop
We have plumbed two rads in from the nearest rad avaible some 4 meters away in 10mm pipe but can only get one rad hot at any time , there is no air in the system , what is the solution , as different people have all sorts of ideas ,
The only one that sounded likely was to T of the 22mm main in 15 mm pipe as they said there wasnt enough flow in a 10mm pipe as the bore is only 6 mm internal .

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