Re: NEW American Standard Champion leaking tank flush valve
Posted by Jerome H on January 19, 2004 at 14:35:51:
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: The Champion that I have installed leaks too. I was hoping that I was in the minority. Terry Love

: : The Fluidmaster is very quiet and shuts off well in normal operation but as the water level in the tank drops, the Fluidmaster valve doesn't turn on all the way and makes a hissing sound. The house water pressure is about 60#. Will that slow turn on etch the valve and cause premature failure? I know the correct solution would be to fix the leaking flush valve assembly, but every tank I have installed leaks. The miracle flush tower leaks more than my 10 year old toilet with flapper. Date codes on the tanks are May, June, August, September, and October of 2003. So far I have found three slightly different tank designs. Would be interested if anyone has a champion toilet with a tank that doesn't leak. What's the date of manufacture on the inside of the tank? Does the tower rock when you wiggle it, or does it feel pretty solid?

: My tank leaks too.

I have installed two. They both had the leak problem that changed with every flush. One has been returned for a refund, and I went into great detail about the problem. Before unit was returned, I disassembled tank and looked at seal and where it seats (on both sides). You can definitely see very small variations on the surface (part that is fastened to the tank )that the bottom of the silicon seal mates to. A.S. supposedly has shipped me a replacement tank with modified seal. Due tomorrow (1/20/04). If it doesn't come; toilet comes out!

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