Re: Leaking Champion toilet
Posted by Jerome H on January 19, 2004 at 14:16:54:
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: : There have been a number of posts here regarding leaky flush valves on this model. Does anyone know if American Standard has addressed this problem? Is there a real fix? Are units after a certain date code OK?

I am waiting for a complete replacement tank from A.S. I spoke with a rep in NJ on 1/7/04. He said there has been some issues with the flush valve gasket, and that changes have been made. He would not send only the gasket (I asked him to). The tank is due tomorrow. If it doesn't come, I will be removing the entire toilet, and return it to HD. I have already returned one of the two I purchased.
1-800-442-1902 is customer support. You get a series of menus, and will ultimately be put on hold. You must be persistent! This is very sad too because people do not have time (to hold or wait for a rep to call back) for all of this!

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