Re: Installing Washer-Dryer hookup
Posted by Mitch on January 19, 2004 at 11:10:46:
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: Easy is a respective comment...

: In theory, the washer pump would be more than enough to do what you want it to do. Now the reality, if and when the main line clogs up, guess were the water goes first. In and out the top of the washing machine....

: To solve this, you need a sump pit and small sump that will pump the water up to the main. The sump pump will have a check valve installed on the discharge line so any backup will not be in the basement. There may be an existing sump hole just waiting for a pump or you may have a pump already.

: This is really a code thing, so if you want to make it safe to sell the home in the future, you should contact your building department and ask them about sumps in basements.

: Not a real hard problem, but then I'm not the one doing the actual work...

We have a setup as described above (pit with sump). Works like a charm. Had to replace the check valve once, but otherwise it's been fine.

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