Re: Caravelle one-piece toilet installation strength & stalbility?
Posted by steve on January 19, 2004 at 01:23:13:
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If you look close at the Caroma you'll see that the fill valve is a standard Fluidmaster 400A, which you can find at any hardware store. The flush valve might be a little tricky. I'm not sure where you live, but here in Seattle they are easy to find. I'm sure in most merto areas there is a distributor for them. As a plumbing contractor I have found Caroma's customer service to be outstanding. They even gave me a free toilet to put in my house. I've put a few of these now, and they out-flush Toto any day of the week( I think Toto is overrated myself). Their flushing capacity rivals some flushometer style toilets. When I install them I don't lag them to the floor, I just use 100% silicon around the base & it works just fine. In my option the only two things holding Caroma back is 1) marketing, 2)aesthetics. : I just about installed a Toto UltraMax, when my Wife saw a Caroma demonstrated at tradeshow today. She was excited (for her) about the dual flush, and she liked the way the Caravelle one-piece toilet (naturally top of the line)looked, better than the Toto UltraMax. Luckily, the plumbing supply store that sold me the Toto, let me return it, but they said I would be sorry about buying the Caroma (he doesn't carry them), because I wouldn't be able to get parts.

: 1. Will I be able to get parts for this toilet?

: 2. Is the inside dual flush mechanism really gauranteed for life, as the show salesperson said?

: 3. I am concerned about the installation, as they don't bolt the toilet to the flange. They rely on silicon caulk around the base to secure it. Although they do have two holes at the back of the toilet base to put in some bolts. But I have a porclean tile floor - UGH! Will this installation technique be STRONG enough? Will I have to use the holes in the back and drill into my tile?

: 4. How does this compare in performance to the Toto UltraMax?

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