Re: Size of PEX 3/8" vs 1/2"
Posted by MarkO on January 19, 2004 at 00:28:37:
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Hi, Pete. I, too am very close to redoing everything in my house.
I was all set to use some 3/8 inch PEX for the hot-water runs to my bathroom sinks to make the hot water get there faster. But then I read an article saying that smaller supply lines can speed up the water TOO much and cause water hammer. Now I am re-considering. On the other hand, PEX seems to be more resilient than copper, so maybe it wouldn't hammer as much... indecision ... Maybe I should do an experiment and just try it...

Let me know your findings at the above email address. Cheers.

P.S. See the below link for more info on water hammer.

: I'm very close to redoing all the plumbing and
: like some thougths,comments etc. on using 3/8"
: PEX vs 1/2" for some of the destinations. I will
: be using a manifold, so each will have its own
: supply

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