Vent Pipe
Posted by Layne on January 18, 2004 at 22:01:03:
I have a Kitchen sink, in a house built in 1925, that was added in 1945 when the home was made into apartments.The sink in question has a direct drain to the basement, which goes into the wall and also has a 3" pipe above the junction going to the basement, that goes upward, which appears to be a vent pipe.

Here is my cundrum. I am getting rid of that kitchen sink and expanding into the room via knocking down a wall between the kitchen and the other room and am getting rid of sink. Can this vent pipe simply be capped off, as well as the drain in the basement (nothing else is draining into it and appears to be added just for that sink), or do I have to reroute the pipe that is going upward (referred to as vent pipe)

The vent pipe goes upward, then turns upward at 45 degrees (thats why I believe it is a vent pipe, instead of a drain.

Your help is appreciated.

Best Regards,


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