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Posted by steve on January 18, 2004 at 21:10:27:
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Do people around you have the same pressure problem? I'd start by asking around, if they have higher pressure I'd look for a PRV in your house. Aside from that you'll be looking at adding a booster pump for higher pressure. Replacing your service will add volume, not necessary up your pressure. As for sizing your service don't just guess & put in "BIG" pipe like the last guy said, find a UPC book & look at the fixture sizing table (fixture count). That will give you correct sizing information. c: Jim, you KNOW there's more to it than just stringing pipe, but in general, you will want to use a fairly large diameter pipe. There are more informed folks that can tell you exactly what size you should use so you don't have a large pressure/flow loss due to friction. I'd opt for rigid copper with the heavy duty rating, but there are other choices. This involves a lot of work, so don't be a penny pincher on quality/size of material. The difference for 80' just isn't worth it.

: This may or may not be the total answer to your problem. Find out what pressure the city main carries. The Water Dept can tell you. You can also get a gauge and attach it to a faucet in the house. Start as close to the street as possible and work back to see if it changes. It should be the same as the city main.

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