Installing Washer-Dryer hookup
Posted by Phil on January 18, 2004 at 16:30:30:
I've got a bungalow unit which has a standing height basement. The sewer pipes for the unit however are at the top of the basement as opposed to the bottome (i.e. all the house's plumbing runs to the main pipe which is slightly below the main floor level.)

Since the washer and dryer will be below the level of the outflow plumbing, how do I get the dirty water from the washer, up and into the outflow sewage pipes?

I figured there must be some easy way to do this because I'm sure I'm not the first person whos ever had to deal with this.

Will the washer have enought 'force' to push the waste water up by itself? If not will I have to figure out some sort of sump pump situation. (It's not an option to re-lay the sewer mains to make them deeper...)

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