bathroom vanity
Posted by katrina on January 18, 2004 at 11:54:48:
I am in the middle of a complete remodel of a second story master bathroom in a fifty year-old rowhouse that does NOT have venting or a window.

Many, or all, of the vanities that I have seen in home showrooms are very typical and conservative. I would like a simple wood vanity that reflects japanese styling. I have also searched many unfinished wood furniture sites and do not find any bathroom furniture for sale.

What are the prose and cons of having one custom made and is this recommended or should I compromise for a cabinet that has been premanufactured for bathrooms in mind?

Lastly, do any of the experts out there have any opinion aboiut what would be a better choice for resale purposes? 1): a 48" vanity and a 18" linen closet or 2): a 60" vanity with double bowl sinks?

Looking forward to your feedback...

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