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Posted by Terry on January 17, 2004 at 16:17:12:
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: : Would appreciate any input on pump make selection. My local hardware guy sells Goulds and says they are the only one he would install. (Hefty prices) I can see that it is well made with ss guts etc. But On ebay they sell other brands like Flotec and red jacket. they costabout a third as much. I am only installing the well in order to sell my house and give a buyer a working year round water source. We have learned to cope with a gravity fed spring and tank system over the years, but people from the city would probably be scared off. WE don't want to put a piece of junk in that will break down right away but on the other hand we aren"t rich either. Can some one please throw out some reasonably good brand names for a 4" pump that are in the lower cost range. Sorry for the length of this epic. Terry

: Try this, get in touch with the buyer and ask his/her input and ask them to make up the diference in price from what you 'could' pay and the better pump. Do the same with the cable, drop pipe, pitless adapter, pressure tank etc. too. You'll feel better, won't have to pay more than minimum and the buyer gets quality rather than the lowest priced stuff and shouldn't have a worry for 10+ years.... Otherwise they might be redoing this in 5-6 years. This way is a win win for both parties.

: Gary
: Quality Water Associates

I want to thank you people that answered.Hube and Gary. Both helpful---Terry (I'm obviously not Mr. Love)

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