Re: Rusty screws/nails in toilet bowl
Posted by Gary Swart on January 17, 2004 at 14:44:45:
In response to Re: Rusty screws/nails in toilet bowl
Here's an old secret on how to fix your problem. After flushing the toilet so that the water is clean, raise the lid on the toilet, kneel in front of the commode, and extend either the right hand or the left hand into the bowl. Grasp the foreign object securely with you fingers and remove the hand with the object from the bowl. Deposit said objects in the approprate refuse container, lower the lid on the toilet. Next, wash your hands. We never perform this operation in the dark, because with the lights on, the dreaded Sewer Ogre can not come out of the sewer to devour you. Serious, sometimes it is hard to get ahold of small things in the bottom of the toilet. If they are iron or steel, a small magnet will grab them. If that doesn't work, then be creative. Last resort would be to drain the bowl by plunging, scooping, and sponging which should make the objects easier to pickup.

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