Re: crawl space odor from laundry leak
Posted by ED on January 17, 2004 at 13:21:51:
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If you still have the puddles, dry them up, that should solve the problem. If you want to go to extra lengths, in the olden days of outhouses, people used to dump "lime" down the shute afterwards to control odor.

Or you could try baking soda, it takes the odor away. Usually, the smell will "run its course" and disappear, until the wetness would return, but since you had the pipe repaired , that should not happen.

: A few weeks ago the drain pipe from the washing machine broke, sending about three loads worth of grey laundry water into the crawl space under the house. The plumber that fixed the pipe for me told me not to worry about the standing water down there - it would evaporate. Well, over the next few days most of it did. There are one or two small puddles on the plastic. Now I have a pretty bad sour odor (smells like sour laundry). Any ideas on how to remove the odor? I've searched the archives here, but haven't found a similar situation.
: Thanks!

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