Re: Wall Hung Baffle?
Posted by hj on January 17, 2004 at 08:10:23:
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There is probably no way. I wonder what kind of fitting you have in the wall. The proper back to back carriers for wall hung toilets, unless it is the residential unit for narrow walls all have a "baffle" device.

: We recently installed 2 Kohler rear-drain toilets to replace the decaying wall hung units. Everything works fine except these toilets are on opposite sides of a wall - the drains face eath other in a steel junction. When one toilet lets loose with it's blast of pressurized water it blows some of the contents back into the bowl of the opposing toilet. I suppose this is manageable but it's kinda gross. If the junction had some sort of baffle this wouldn't be a problem but it doesn't and I don't relish the idea of tearing out the walls etc. to replace it. Anybody have an idea on how to solve this with minimal modifications to the plumbing?

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