Re: 1/2" black gas pipe
Posted by hj on January 16, 2004 at 20:30:38:
In response to Re: 1/2" black gas pipe
The threads will be okay, but they might not appreciate the wrench marks on the pipes where you tightened them. Electric is seldom a good option if you have gas available, but I am not sure if the vent free units are that much better as a safety issue.

: I was going to install a vent-free natual gas heater in our garage. After thinking about it, I decided in might be better to just install an electric unit instead. My question is this. I have already installed some of the gas lines, and I was wondering if the pipe could be disassembled and returned to the store. I was wondering if the threads would still do a good sealing job and don't want to take something back that would present a problem for someone else. I used white teflon tape on the joints and did not cross thread or anything like that. I wish I would have considered the electric heater before I went through all this work.

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